What Mind State Is Required To Deal with Life-Threatening Emergencies?

We are finding ourselves in midst of an exploding Covid 19 situation in India with peak nowhere in sight. TOI says “Active cases may peak at 38-48 lakh in mid-May: Experts”. The Independent says “India Covid latest: Delhi extends lockdown as infection peak of 500,000 cases a day ‘weeks away’”.

It appears that almost everyone is dealing with loss of near and dear ones. Several Covid helplines that have come up are struggling with deluge of requests and flood of unverified data.

In the midst of all this, hardly any support is available to people who are attempting to deal with the situation for themselves and for people around them. How does the Covid Warrior find inspiration to keep going with the continuous news of deaths around, amplified by the unending sirens of Ambulances whizzing past our houses?

To begin with I am reminded of Ramana Maharishi who when asked “how does one deal with others”, responded with:

“There are no others”.

– Ramana Maharishi

To some, this may appear to be an impractical metaphysical statement. To me, this clears all my doubts regarding who all need to be served. The answer is simple. Help yourself, support your loved ones and serve as many people as you can. The concept of “Earth Stewardship” reminds us that we are all in it together – everyone needs to be taken care of without any exception.

Finally, an access to powerfully dealing with any situation lies in how we manage our state of mind.

In midst of a disaster, what mind state are you choosing? How about choosing the most powerful mind state possible?

How Are You Transitioning From 2020 To 2021?

Timely reminder by @PrudentHero (Peter Drucker | Principles):

2021 Requires Decisions – Now. Imposes Risks – Now. Requires Action – now.

What does this mean for you?

How are you changing your daily strategy workout hour to incorporate the ‘new’ normal?

Tweet Source: https://twitter.com/PrudentHero/status/1337067486085324802