Freedom begins when you invite yourself to break out of your cocoon

Life is an opportunity. An adventure. To explore and discover new things. To invent and create exciting things. To experience joy, love and bliss.

Yet, most of us, on this earth, barely get a chance to live a life of unrestrained exploration and freest creative expression.

The reason for not doing all the things that we really wish to do are innumerable. The most common reason, accordingly to yours truly, is that we are too attached to the status quo, the stability, and the familiarity (however contemptuous it may seem) of routine job or business or whatever one’s life situation maybe. The current reality hypnotizes us. The hypnosis can be broken. If you are ready to test all your assumptions and all your beliefs. If you are ready to put in the effort to find out the truth. If you are ready to challenge yourself to come out of your cocoon.

In short you need to be ready to get pissed off! Because it can be upsetting to know that most of your life, so far, has been mostly a waste.

However, if you are willing to break out and make efforts to find out your truest path then life on earth can be heavenly – you would be free to create your grandest vision and free to begin playing your greatest games!

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