Daily Spontaneous Writing #1 – Introduction to Free Mind Writing

What would it be like committing to writing Daily at least 100 words without any agenda, spontaneously, and,as fast as possible!

The above was the first sentence of this 100 spontaneous words daily experiment.  There are related experiments  / literary techniques in fiction writing like “Stream of consciousness writing”, “free writing”, etc.

What if we attempt the same without fiction or any formal text as agenda? Let us call it the “Free Mind Writing”! Here we go:

What is in my mind at the moment? Who else has attempted this? Where can I find them? As I write, my son walks in into the room. I am reminded of the discussion on Lucid Dreaming with him yesterday. We were discussing how could one be in a dream during sleep but aware and conscious of the in being the dream. I had shared how I have had such experiences in the past. We chatted what techniques might help facilitate lucid dreaming.

I recall that Richard Feynman, the much celebrated physicist, had such experiences too, and, probably, there are records of his investigations on the subject.

That is 179 words! Done for today!

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